SomCDRD is the Community-Driven Recovery and Development Project for Somalis. SomCDRD works in selected communities in Somaliland, Puntland, Galgaduud and Hiraan.


DRC regards feedback and complaints on the assistance provided as an important part of being accountable. The complaint mechanism is one way of holding DRC accountable to humanitarian standards and for DRC to ensure that you as a beneficiary have the means to report complaints and seek redress safely.

How to make a complaint?

If you want to make a complaint to DRC you can:

  • Complaint directly to the DRC field staff, who will forward the complaint
  • Call our office between 8-10 am on Thursdays on this number 252 2 4038322
  • Send a letter to DRC office in Statehouse, Hargeisa
  • Fill in the electronic form stating the nature of your complaint:

Complaint Submission in English

Complaint Submission in Somali

What can you complain about?

It is only within DRCs scope to handle complaints which are in direct connection to services and activities provided by DRC or our implementing partners. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Project implementation
  • Beneficiary selection
  • Contractual agreements/Procurement
  • Partner organizations/ Implementing partners
  • Corruption
  • Staff abuse
  • Training
  • Discrimination
  • Violence
  • Sexual harassment

Handling your compliant?

DRC handles all complaints confidential, with impartiality and invokes a non – retaliation policy for complainants. When we have received your complaint it will be registered, reviewed and forwarded to an appointed member of the management. This person will initiate a confidential investigation. We strive to be able to acknowledge that we have received your complaint within 30 days. Hereafter we will try to give you our response to the complaint as fast as possible depending on the nature of the complaint. Remember to specify your contact information.

How to appeal?

If you are unsatisfied with DRC’s decision or redress you have the right to appeal. If you want to appeal you can contacts us again by filling out the electronic form or calling us once more. Our telephone number is: 00 252 2 4038322 The appeal will be forwarded to the appeals board who will then issue a final decision.

Referral of complaints

If the complaint is not within the scope or parameters for DRC’s assistance we will do our best to refer the complaint to the relevant person or organization.

Community Action Plans

Through the community-driven process, communities analyze their resources and needs, prioritize their requirements, develop a plan of action, receive and manage resources, carry out their projects, and ensure quality and accountability.


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